Every Thursday evening at 9.  $5

We are very pleased to be hosting an evening program of adventurous improvised live music at the Khyber Pass Cafe every Thursday at 9!

Music is curated by Adam Linz, Kevin Cosgrove, Paul Metzger and 6 Families.

For booking inquiries, please send links to music and dates of interest to: Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your submissions. We receive many inquiries about performing at the Khyber. Please be patient.

Admission is $5.
Wine, beer and small plates will be available.

Event Information:

  • Appetizers


    Leek dumplings served with ground beef or beans (vegetarian); topped with yogurt and mint.


    Eggplant cooked in tomato sauce; topped with yogurt sauce.


    Roasted eggplant spread made with yogurt, garlic, herbs and fresh hot peppers.


    Spread made with organic chickpeas and extra- virgin olive oil.

    Kadu Borani

    (when available) Butternut squash braised with onions, tomatoes, brown sugar & spices; topped with yogurt sauce.

    Salata Tomato, cucumber, onion, lettuce, fresh mint and cilantro; dressed with lime juice.

    Chutney Sampler
    Your choice of three chutneys; served with bread.

    Chutneys are condiments made with fruits, nuts, herbs and vegetables. They add sweet, tangy and/or hot accents to any dish. For a more authentic experience, we encourage you to accompany your meal with some of our homemade chutneys.

    NEW! Cherry Sweet, tangy and spicy.

    NEW! Cranberry Sweet and slightly spicy.

    NEW! Apricot Sweet, tangy and slightly spicy.

    NEW! Ginger & Jalapeño Fragrant and hot, with sweet notes.

    Cilantro & Walnut Classic Afghani blend, tangy and slightly spicy.

    Red-Hot Chili Pepper & Tomato Semi-sweet blend with a big bite–versatile & hot!

    Mango Sweet and spicy.