Every Thursday evening at 9.  $5

We are very pleased to be hosting an evening program of adventurous improvised live music at the Khyber Pass Cafe every Thursday at 9!

Music is curated by Adam Linz, Kevin Cosgrove, Paul Metzger and 6 Families.

For booking inquiries, please send links to music and dates of interest to: Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your submissions. We receive many inquiries about performing at the Khyber. Please be patient.

Admission is $5.
Wine, beer and small plates will be available.

Event Information:

  • Thu

    George Cartwright's Smashing Carp

    Heather Barringer: Vibraphone
    Noah Ophove-Baldwin:Trumpet
    Michelle Kinney: Cello
    George Cartwright: Saxophones

    Who will be performing from their repertoire:

    1. Snowman Snowman
    2. The Exhausted Years
    3. The Long Triangle
    4. Wispy Sheep