Michelle Kinney

Michelle’s career began in Minneapolis, MN when she returned after undergraduate school in Evanston, IL, after receiving a BA in music from Northwestern University. During this early phase in her career, she was recognized and frequently funded as a composer, collaborating with Twin Cities choreographers, filmmakers and theater artists, in addition to composing for her own new music ensembles. In 1989, Michelle moved to New York to pursue an MA in Performance Studies at New York University. She lived and worked in NYC for 13 years, touring Europe and the U.S. frequently as a composer and cellist, bridging many musical genres and forms from pop to art music, and collaborating in dance, film and theater.

Steve Kenny

Steve Kenny, trumpeter, composer and bandleader is a founding member of ‘the illicit sextet’, “Group 47”, “What Would Monk Do?” and his own Quartets, and he is the creative force behind the production company “illicit Productions”, (www.illicit-productions.com) which produces well over one hundred live shows a year and has a growing yearly catalog of Jazz CD’s being produced, released and distributed, including the successful ‘Twin Cities Jazz Sampler CDs’, with Volume 3 slated to be released in 2019. Steve also curates and produces weekly Jazz series at Jazz Central Studios, Black Dog Cafe, and in the summertime at Studio Z in Saint Paul. His latest CD, ‘Quartets’ features original compositions and a series of different ensembles featuring Anthony Cox, Brandon Wozniak, Michael Lewis, JT Bates, Billy Peterson, Kenny Horst, Rodney Ruckus, Ron Evaniuk, Javi Santiago, Levi Schwartzberg, Miguel Hurtado, and Ted Olsen.

Cole Pulice

Cole Pulice is a saxophonist and improvisor based in the Twin Cities. He’s been fortunate to work, collaborate, and learn from a beautiful and diverse array of musicians and artists from across disciplinary boundaries. Cole co-runs the brass and woodwind horn choir ‘drone band,’ writes and performs solo compositions for saxophone and electronics as ‘Cole,’ and has worked with groups like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Bon Iver.

Dave King

David King (born June 8, 1970) is an American drummer and composer from Minneapolis. He is known for being a founding member of the jazz groups The Bad Plus (with Reid Anderson and Ethan Iverson) and Happy Apple (with Michael Lewis and Erik Fratzke) although he is active in many other projects including free jazz collective Buffalo Collision with NYC “Downtown” musicians Tim Berne and Hank Roberts and the electronic art/pop group Halloween Alaska as well as the noise/prog band The Gang Font with former Hüsker Dü bassist Greg Norton.

Milo Fine

2019 marks Milo’s 50th year working in the field of free jazz/improvised music. More to the point (and co-opting bassist/composer Kent Carter’s autobiographical liner note to the 1966 LP “Jazz Realities”), he states: “I was born January 22, 1952 (Minneapolis, Minnesota) and am not yet dead.”




Matthew Himes

Named in reference to a metaphorical hound-dog, Shep and Me is the experimental folk project of Matthew Himes. A next door neighbor once remarked that his singing voice sounded like that of a cat being strangled. Born of solitude and anonymity in Austin, TX in summer 2001 using two broken boomboxes, a portable AM radio and a hand-me-down ukelele. In the past decade Shep and Me has grown to embrace the use of slightly broken electronics, homemade tape loops, bamboo bells, analog synthesizers, gongs, drum machines, feedback and heavily processed sound, augmenting what might be considered traditional instrumentation in the spectrum of American folk music.