Khyber Pass is proud to serve some of our excellent local craft beers and cider.


Fair State IPA forward American IPA. 6.2% abv 60 ibu

Fair State Pilsner German style pilsner. 4.9% abv 40 ibu

Fair State Roselle  Hibiscus sour. Tart, fruity and floral. 5.7% abv 19 ibu

Insight Troll Way IPA Citrus hops. Tropical fruit. 7% abv 75 ibu

Utepils Copacetic Kölsch  Light body, crisp and refreshing. 4.9% abv 25 ibu

Summit EPA  Caramel malts balanced with an earthy hop bite. 5.2% abv 49 ibu

Summit Keller Pilsner Well balanced German style Pilsner. 5.1% abv 38 ibu

Summit Saga IPA  Tropical fruit hop aroma and clean, assertive bitterness. 6.2% abv 80 ibu

Summit Great Northern Porter  Roasted malts with coffee notes and a slightly sweet finish. 5.4% abv 51 ibu

abv = alcohol by volume
ibu = international bitterness units scale


Milk and Honey Heirloom  Semi dry cider with tropical fruit aromas and a big mouthfeel. 6.9% abv