Alden Ikeda, drums

Alden has played in Twin Cities and elsewhere. Some of the great Musicians he has worked for include Douglas Ewart, Stephen Goldstein, Carei Thomas,  Benny Weinbeck,  Pat Patrick,  Billy Bang,  Roscoe Mitchell,  Julius Hemphill,  John Devine,  Bill Lang,  Adam Linz,  Chris Bates,  Tommy O’Donnell,  Ronnie Castrato,  Christine Rosholt,  Gene Adams,  Frank Hooks,  Don Cherry,  Dave Maslow,  Micheal Lewis,  Tom Lewis,  Herbie Lewis,  Steve Kinney,  Frank Foster,  Gordy Johnson,  Bobby Peterson,  Charles Andre,  Hannibal Peterson,  Alex Chilton,  Scott Newell,  China’s,  Jon Davis,  Jody Highroller,  Butch Morris,  Jim Marentic,  Mark Ashe,  The Petersons,  Brandon Wozniak,  Donald Raphael  Garrett,  Chris Thomsen,  Jack Macduff,  Savage Aural,  Helen Reddy,  George Cartwright,  Davey Williams,  and some of those cats out of Memphis Tholem.